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Jensen Baird's Legal Services

Jensen Baird has the strongest and most experienced team of condominium lawyers in Maine.

Larry Clough was the principal draftsman of the Maine Condominium Act. He has been the leader in innovative approaches to structure and administer residential and commercial projects.  His work has become the statewide standard for excellence.

Joe Carleton has now joined Jensen Baird, bringing with him his reputation as the most experienced and knowledgeable condominium practitioner in York County.

Charlie Katz-Leavy is a highly regarded condominium lawyer and a rising star in the field.

Along with other Jensen Baird attorneys, Lee Lowry, Ron Epstein, Nick Morrill and Jeff Hebert, they serve literally hundreds of associations in Maine, as well as condominium managers, developers and individuals. 

Jensen Baird offers comprehensive services for condominium board, developers and individuals. Below is a partial list.

1.  Advice and consultation concerning the mean Interpretation of Maine condominium laws, the Maine Non-profit Corporation Act, the Declaration, Bylaws and rules. ing and applicability of condominium laws and documents, rights and responsibilities of the board of directors; recommendations about possible courses of action.    

2.  Guidance concerning proper process and procedure governing board actions

3.  Drafting of amendments to governing documents, including amendments and revision/restatement of entire documents.

4.  Providing templates and forms for routine action by the board.

5.  Corporate matters.  Preparation and filing of corporate reports to the Secretary of State as required, service as Registered Agent for the corporation; advice regarding the affairs of the Association as a corporate entity.  

6.  Drafting routine documents.  Drafting and/or review of routine documents generated in the normal course of business of the Association, including notices, proxies, resale certificate forms, notices of meetings, rental agreements of association, consent to meeting, notices of meetings of Directors and Members.

7.  Consultation.  Consultation by phone or email or at Attorney's office with Board of Directors and/or management concerning legal and practical aspects of routine operation of the Association, including maintenance responsibilities, financial policies and procedures, budget and assessments, collections policy, reserve funds, community rules and penalties, management agents and independent contractors, basic insurance requirements. 

8. Other state and federal law.  Bankruptcy; foreclosure; Federal Fair Housing; satellite dishes; insurance, foreclosures, FCC rules regarding satellite dishes, election signage, display of the american flag and insurance issues.

7.  Meetings and governance issues.  Advice concerning the proper conduct of meetings, minutes, notices, proxies and Rules of Order.  Some of this is not strictly legal advice but many clients find it helpful.   We have broad experience in governance issues.

8.  "Once over" Reading.  Reading of copies of minutes, correspondence and other written material the Association wishes to supply to attorney so as to spot areas where legal caution is required.  I encourage sending of such material as a matter of my own self education and do not charge for my time in reading these materials, unless I find some specific problem or issue requiring contact with the association

9.  Educational materials.  Providing materials from time to time, without charge, which will assist the Board of Directors in the carrying out of its duties.

10.  Attendance at meetings.  Attendance at annual meetings, or meetings of the Board of Directors, as requested.  Travel time to and from such meetings will be billed at half the hourly rate.

11.  Assessment collection.  Advice on the assessment collection process, assistance in creating policy for collections; drafting and filing of liens when necessary.  Recommendations as to when pursuit of collection efforts is likely to be worthwhile, especially when a unit is under foreclosure.  

12.   Management Agreements. Negotiating and drafting management and employment agreements.

13.  Enforcement of the rules, remedies for violations.

14.  Litigation services, if necessary.

Joseph G. Carleton, Jr.

Joseph G. Carleton, Jr.

Joseph Carleton has practiced condominium and homeowner association law for over 30 years, representing major developers and large homeowner association clients.  Before joining Jensen Baird, he was based in Wells, where he was active in community affairs, serving on several civic and land use boards and as town meeting moderator for 25 years.  He is still based in York County and meets clients at Jensen Baird's Kennebunk office.

Joe is a Fellow of the College of Community Association Lawyers (CCAL), a group of about 150 lawyers nationwide recognized for excellence in condominium and homeowner association law.  He is the only CCAL Fellow in Maine and the only Maine attorney who is also a Registered Parliamentarian.

For many years he has spoken at annual forums on condominium issues sponsored by the Community Associations Institute (CAI).   He is a member and former chair of the CAI's Legislative Action Committee for Maine, advocating the interests of condominium associations before the Maine legislature.  He also runs a website for Jensen Baird, www.mainecondo.com, providing online resources for Maine condominium associations.

Joe is a former member of the Maine House of Representatives, where he served as assistant minority leader.  He was later elected Secretary of the Maine Senate, serving as chief administrative and parliamentary officer of that body.

He lives in Kittery with his wife Patricia and Kylie, their Kerry Blue Terrier.

Lawrence R. Clough

Lawrence R. Clough

Larry has extensive experience representing commercial lenders and developers throughout Maine. He has handled the construction, financing and foreclosure of major commercial, recreational, natural resource, residential and resort facilities, ranging from the purchase of a multi-state retail chain with over 80 owned and leased facilities, the assembly and development of a 400,000 square foot multi-parcel regional distribution center, and the structure of cross border loans to the foreclosure and disposition of troubled projects. His approach features adding value to the client.

Larry was also the primary draftsman of the Maine Condominium Act and represents developers and condominium-homeowner associations across the state. He is considered to be the leading condominium attorney in Maine and his innovative approaches to structure and administration of residential and commercial projects have become the standard statewide. He drafted the multi-phase multi-tier structure of largest residential project in the state, featuring alternative approaches to conventional developments. Over the past 32 years, he has been a speaker at many programs on commercial lending and condominium law and is co-author of Commercial Lending in Maine.

Larry has been active in civic affairs, serving as Chairman of the Cape Elizabeth Zoning Board, as president of the Cape Elizabeth Land Trust and as Commodore of Centerboard Yacht Club.

Larry has two grown children and lives with his wife, Cathy in Cape Elizabeth. He is active in the outdoors, having climbed all 62 mountains in excess of 4,000 feet in New England and is now an active sailor on his boat Katahdin.


Charles M. Katz-Leavy

Charles M. Katz-Leavy

Charlie is listed as a Rising Star by New England Superlawyers Magazine.    His practice is results-focused, with a priority on understanding and achieving the client's goals in an efficient and practical manner.  He handles commercial and residential matters for a variety of corporate, municipal, and individual clients.

Charlie's clients include large and small owners, investors, lenders and developers of condominiums, as well as homeowner associations  He regularly assists clients with drafting association documents and amendments.  

Charlie has written and spoken on numerous real estate topics, including condo association best practices, property taxes, FEMA flood insurance rate maps, option agreements, licenses, and easements.  

Outside of the law, Charlie is a proud parent of two young children and a greyhound, a volunteer basketball coach, and an active community member.

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