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Keeping Maine Homeowner Associations Informed


There are several national resources for particular topics. Care should be exercised in using them because the laws of each state are different.

The sites below offer excellent advice to Associations on a wide variety of subjects and are highly recommended.

In addition, the New England Chapter of Community Associations Institute, the national trade group of condominium associations, presents a well attended forum each September in the Portland area for directors and managers of Maine condominiums.  The forum features discussions about legal issues by condominium attorneys, about management, insurance and other topics of interest by other professionals.  For further information, click here.

link Community Associations Institute (CAI)

Web site of the biggest national association for condominium governance.

link Community Associations Institute, New England (CAINE)

The New England chapter of CAI includes Maine. Members of New England CAI can obtain more information by signing in under “Member Resources”.

link Regenesis.net

A wide variety of information about Condominium associations. Use of this site requires a paid subscription.

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