July 2, 2010

Fidelity insurance

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In the news recently are two articles about misappropriation of condominium association funds.   The first one was a Portsmouth, NH bookeeper who allegedly stole funds from two condominium associations in that town.   The second concerned a person who allegedly stole money from a condominium association in Biddeford, and also from a festival which celebrates the French heritage of that town.  Several other recent articles detailed misappropriation of funds from businesses, from municipalities and even from attorneys trust accounts by employees.

As numerous as the newspaper articles are, they report only the tip of the iceberg.  Many organizations do not report embezzlement out of embarassment or the fear of bad press.  For small associations especially, financial controls are loose and it is relatively easy to steal funds and to get away with it for a significant time.  Fidelity insurance, purchased as part of the association’s insurance package, can cover these risks.  It is relatively inexpensive and can help you recover from those occasions when a treasurer or someone else has made off with association funds.

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